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Strategy Training: How to Make a Plan

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Autor:Robert Ris
Kategorie:Schachtraining Videos
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In every game of chess, there comes a moment when one is confronted with the question: what should I do now? Often, the solution involves more than finding just one single move, and you are rather challenged to work out a complete plan instead. In order to make an effective plan, one needs to delve deeper into the position – just determining which pieces are good and bad normally is not enough to find your way.

On this DVD, five key elements of positional play are discussed which help you formulate the right plan:

1. The influence of pawn play

2. How to deal with tension (with pawns and pieces)

3. Improving your worst piece

4. Creating targets & exploiting them

5. Prophylactical thinking

After going through the 12 examples from the theoretical section, it’s time for you to get actively involved! The author has collected no less than 50 instructive examples with multiple questions to test your positional understanding. On top of that, another 50+ examples have been added in a separate database, while there is also a new feature in the Fritz app to play out various positions.

• Video running time: 8 hours (English)

• With interactive training including video feedback

• Extra: Extra database with further examples

• Including ChessBase Reader