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A Complete Black Repertoire against 1.Nf3 & 1.c4

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Autor:Robert Ris
Kategorie:Schachtraining Videos
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This video course offers you a complete, clear repertoire for Black against the moves 1.Nf3 and 1.c4. The recommended variations are easy to learn and not difficult to remember, but also pose White serious challenges. Against 1.Nf3 the plan is to respond with 1…d5 as Black is ready to return to the Queen’s Gambit Accepted in case White plays 2.d4 (see the other video course). In this part, all White’s relevant alternatives (2.c4, 2.e3, 2.b3, 2.g3) are covered in depth. Against the English Opening (1.c4 e5) the Grand Prix Attack with colours reversed (2…Nc6 & 3…f5) is an attractive weapon for club players and grandmasters alike, as it can be played against 2.Nc3 and 2.g3. In some lines, Black is about to launch a quick offensive against the white king, while in other cases a heated battle in the centre may be expected. The video course is complemented by 15 exercises to test your knowledge, 10 positions to play-out to develop a better feeling for the type of positions, as well as a database with around 150 model games.