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The surprising 3.d3 against the Caro-Kann

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Revolutionize your approach to the Caro-Kann Defense with this unique guide. We boldly confront the Caro-Kann Defense with the upcoming move 1.e4 c6 2.Nf3 d5 3.d3!?

With this highly strategic choice, we disrupt Black’s typical patterns and comfort zones and enter an early endgame full of chances for you. This line, championed by the AI phenomenon Leela Zero, has been embraced by top-level players including Carlsen, Vachier-Lagrave, Nepomniachtchi, Firouzja, Giri, and many more.

In this Fritztrainer, you will learn how to handle the resulting endgame after 3... dxe4 4.dxe4 Qxd1+ 5.Kxd1, discover the intricacies of exchanges and pawn structures to maximize your advantage.

Moreover, you will develop a deep understanding of the positions and learn to outmaneuver your opponent’s other 3rd moves just as well as the endgame without countless theoretical lines, creating a comprehensive repertoire. Get ready to conquer the board and have fun against the Caro-Kann.

• Video running time: 3 hours and 25 minutes (English)

• With int eractive tr aining including video feedback.

• Extra: Training with ChessBase apps - Play key positions from each variation against Fritz on various levels.

Including download & stream for iPad, tablet etc: can be unlocked with imprinted key

Fabien Libiszewski was born on 5 January 1984 in St Etienne (France). He is a GM since 2009. His peak Elo rating was 2547. While Fabien continues to play actively, he now also has a solid experience as a coach, notably as the captain of the French mixed team. By producing Fritztrainer, he adds a new dimension to his work.

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